Roof Inspection: 3D Modelling, Lancaster

C4 Consulting

We are seeing growing demand for building surveys, roof inspection projects and associated 3D modelling work. A recent project in Lancaster illustrates the services we are increasingly being asked to provide.

Set close to the town centre, Cable Street is a stone-built property comprising 3, 4 and 5-bed student flats. Designed by Richard Gillow in 1759, the building has considerable heritage value, though it has been repeatedly modernised and upgraded to maximise its appeal to the student market.

In 2018, C4 Consulting commissioned us to undertake an aerial survey of the building to inspect the roof and upper walls. The roofs are predominantly slate, some featuring skylights. The company wanted a clear, detailed photographic record that it could use as part of its maintenance and repair plans.

The town centre location made careful planning and safety concerns key considerations but, having secured the necessary permissions, we performed the flights without a hitch. The images were of a very high quality and the client expressed great satisfaction with the results. The resolution and light conditions meant that the images would be ideal for planning repairs and scheduling future maintenance.

In addition, our data was combined with a ground-based survey to produce detailed photogrammetry drawings and a 3D building model. In future, building engineers and surveyors will be able to take accurate measurements from these digital assets. This will enhance the speed of their projects and minimise the need for further manual inspections.

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