Flexible, accessible and
cost effective Aerial Photography from
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

SUAVE Aerial Photographers specialises in UAV-based photography, video and surveys. Established in 2009, it is one of the country’s leading ‘top-end’ contractors and offers a technical capability that is second to none.

Working across a broad spectrum of sectors, SUAVE has an excellent understanding of the demands of different clients, industries and frameworks. It employs cutting edge systems to deliver results of outstanding quality, and it is wholly committed to safety, efficiency and best value.

UAVs – the benefits:

As a platform for aerial photography, video and technical surveys, UAVs offer significant advantages over older, more traditional alternatives:

  1. They cost far less than surveys using manned aircraft.
  2. UAVs can fly much closer to their subjects, producing images of much finer detail.
  3. UAV flights can be organised much more quickly and with far fewer restrictions. SUAVE has instant 24/7 clearance into the majority of Britain’s airspace at and below 400 feet.
  4. SUAVE can deploy its UAVs immediately weather conditions become viable. (This is something that is prohibitively expensive, and difficult to do, with manned aircraft.)
  5. UAVs have much less environmental impact than manned aircraft. They are also much less noisy and disruptive.
  6. In terms of site access and positioning, UAVs are much more versatile than either manned aircraft or ground-based vehicles with pole-mounted cameras.

UAV Technology:

SUAVE uses high-tech remote control helicopters capable of capturing imaging data from varied perspectives, in various forms and for a whole variety of technical and promotional purposes.

Get in touch:

SUAVE’s operators have a wealth of expertise in aviation, photography and all things technical. Whatever your requirements, and however demanding your project, you can trust SUAVE to secure the images, the video and the survey data you require.

Your questions are always welcome.

For more details, please call Greg Colley on 07842 766 679 or email  Greg@SUAVEAirPhotos.co.uk.

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