New Aerial Video Capabilities

Video is becoming such an important element of the aerial photography sector that we have been steadily developing our capabilities in recent years.

We’ve long been using video in the tourism and heritage sectors, and as part of clients’ marketing projects. Now, however, customers are asking for an ever-widening variety of video capabilities and so we’ve established a new, tiered range of services.

To suit the most modest budgets, we offer an ‘entry level’ package which requires just a single pilot and a UAV with a front-facing camera. This secures high definition footage and it’s a great choice for conventional site surveys, progress recording and certain, simple building inspection surveys. Video can be relayed down to the ground station, where operator and client can examine footage and decide in real time how and where to direct the camera.

For more challenging projects, our mid-range service entails the use of two staff – one pilot and one camera operator – and a UAV with an independently controllable camera. (This is the kind of format we used in the indoor warehouse project described earlier.) We then edit the resulting footage using our own professional-quality video software and supply the video in its finished form.

Finally, for the most demanding projects, where the client requires a video of the very highest standards, we offer a comprehensive solution. Here, we take responsibility for every element of the process. In addition to securing the footage itself, we’ll hire whatever additional expertise is necessary: professional producers, directors, voice-over artists and editors, as well as handling the music and other third-party content.

Heli ThumbWe can also work with other skilled staff such as CGI specialists. We did this very recently on a project involving an NHS site in Greater Manchester. Here, a hospital helipad was due to be built over an existing car park and the architectural team wanted to illustrate how the completed scheme would look. Rather than simply produce a fixed ‘artist’s impression’ image, it commissioned SUAVE to take aerial video footage of the existing car park. A CGI team then digitally superimposed the helipad, compete with a flying helicopter, to produce a wholly convincing rendering of the finished job. To see the finished video, click here.

If you’d like to discuss a potential video project, please get in touch.

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