Aerial Video: Promotional Shoot, Wirral

Opus Media

Aerial footage has long been used by video and film professionals to add a sense of grandeur to their work. Aerial video suggests high production values and it lends a cinematic feel that makes a strong visual impact on audiences. Once, it was the sole preserve of big budget film-makers but, today, new UAV and video camera technologies have made aerial video accessible – and affordable – to an ever-growing number of clients.

A good example occurred earlier this year, when Wirral Council commissioned Opus Media to produce a promotional video in support of the Wirral Well Made campaign. The video’s purpose was to showcase the variety of attractions and economic strengths of the area, and to explain the key points of a new regeneration plan that could see around £1 billion of inward investment.

The video plan called for some wide establishing shots at the beginning – ideally high quality aerial sequences that would show key areas of the Merseyside coastline. Similar sequences would also be used part way through the two-minute presentation, and again at the end.

Opus presented its requirements to Suave and, having discussed good candidate sites, we conducted a series of flights along various stretches of shoreline, as well as some inland areas.

The sequences were intercut with other footage showing daily life and local businesses at work. Although the aerial shots only represent a small proportion of the finished video, they certainly add a sense of scale and help to give it a modern, polished feel.

The use of UAVs makes this a very affordable option; in this case, the footage was secured in just a single day’s shoot. In addition to providing sequences for the initial video, it also gave the client some excellent stock footage for future use.

The video by Opus Media can be viewed here:

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