Aerial Video: 250,000 sq ft Warehouse, Trafford Park

Momentus Consulting Group

Momenutus ThumbMomentus Consulting Group is a full-service integrated marketing agency with a division that specialises in supporting clients in the logistics and industrial sectors. Earlier in the summer, it contacted SUAVE in connection with a video it wished to produce, featuring a newly completed 250,000 sq ft warehouse in Trafford Park. Developed by IPIF & Peel Logistics, the building has been leased to logistics provider XPO as a distribution centre for the Missguided women’s fashion brand.

Our role in the project was to secure high quality video footage – not only from the usual outdoor aerial perspectives, but also from inside the warehouse itself. Flying a UAV indoors – in a relatively confined space and without the benefit of GPS-assistance – clearly required careful planning, keen safety awareness and, of course, exceptional piloting capabilities. We therefore began by making a careful study of the interior, noting the lighting systems, cables and other potential hazards, and then planning the shoot accordingly.

For this project, we used a two-operator team – one to fly the UAV and one to operate an independently controllable camera. Most importantly, this kept the pilot free to concentrate entirely on flying safely, but it also enabled us to secure professional quality sequences that made use of smooth panning and tilting shots.

We took the resulting video and intercut it with our outdoor aerial sequences, together with some of the client’s own time-lapse footage that showed the various stages of the warehouse construction work. The final production was very impressive and was ultimately presented as a gift to IPIF & Peel Logistics. A copy of the video can be seen here on YouTube.

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