Heritage Sites and Public Events

Weston Park and Norton Priory

If you’ve read previous editions of this newsletter, then you’ll know that we’ve carried out a good number of aerial surveys and photogrammetry projects at some very popular heritage sites across the UK. Over the summer, however, one or two of these sites have played host to some rather unusual outdoor events and sUAVe has been on hand to document the various goings-on. Continue reading “Heritage Sites and Public Events”

Interpreting a Mesolithic Excavation


Industrial archaeology has been an important part of our work over the summer. In Sunderland, we contributed aerial images to a preservation by record project undertaken by Oxford Archaeology on the site of a 19th Century glassworks. Similarly, we were commissioned by Salford Archaeology to carry out an aerial survey of a former cotton mill in Oldham, which was built in the 1840s. Both sets of images were required for photogrammetric purposes and 3D modelling techniques were used in Oldham. Continue reading “Interpreting a Mesolithic Excavation”

Site Remediation Project, Manchester

Buckingham Group Contracting

UAVs have many benefits and advantages over manned aircraft but in the case of high altitude photography, the older, heavier technology sometimes wins out. So it was in the case of a site remediation project at Openshaw in Manchester, where Buckingham Group Contracting has been engaged in the remediation of industrial land prior to redevelopment. The land had been the site of chemical works and other industries, so the multi-million pound scheme has been undertaken to ensure that the ground is properly and professionally cleaned up in readiness for new construction. Continue reading “Site Remediation Project, Manchester”