Roof Inspection: 3D Modelling, Lancaster

C4 Consulting

We are seeing growing demand for building surveys, roof inspection projects and associated 3D modelling work. A recent project in Lancaster illustrates the services we are increasingly being asked to provide.

Set close to the town centre, Cable Street is a stone-built property comprising 3, 4 and 5-bed student flats. Designed by Richard Gillow in 1759, the building has considerable heritage value, though it has been repeatedly modernised and upgraded to maximise its appeal to the student market. Continue reading “Roof Inspection: 3D Modelling, Lancaster”

Aerial Video: Promotional Shoot, Wirral

Opus Media

Aerial footage has long been used by video and film professionals to add a sense of grandeur to their work. Aerial video suggests high production values and it lends a cinematic feel that makes a strong visual impact on audiences. Once, it was the sole preserve of big budget film-makers but, today, new UAV and video camera technologies have made aerial video accessible – and affordable – to an ever-growing number of clients. Continue reading “Aerial Video: Promotional Shoot, Wirral”

Site Progress Record: Railway Bridge Construction, Leeds

Galliford Try

The construction company, Galliford Try, is currently delivering a £4.7m contract to build a 28m-span road bridge over the Leeds to York railway line. This will form part of a new Manston Lane Link Road, which is designed to connect the city of Leeds to Junction 46 of the M1. The road itself will provide improved access to Thorpe Park, which is already home to many businesses but will ultimately feature a shopping and leisure complex, offices, new homes, a public park and sports facilities. Continue reading “Site Progress Record: Railway Bridge Construction, Leeds”

Topographic Survey: River Ouse, York

Mott McDonald Bentley, Wessex Archaeology and the Environment Agency

In recent months, we’ve made a number of visits to York, where we’ve been conducting an extensive aerial survey of land adjacent to the River Ouse.

Following torrential rain and subsequent flooding in December 2015, the Environment Agency took the decision to review and improve flood defences involving the Foss Barrier. The barrier features a gate that can be closed to prevent rising waters in the Ouse from backing up into the River Foss and flooding parts of the city. However, in 2015, these measures had proven inadequate. Having devised an improvement plan, the Agency appointed Mott McDonald Bentley to deliver the necessary upgrades, which include fitting eight new, high capacity pumps and associated control systems. Continue reading “Topographic Survey: River Ouse, York”

Topographic Surveys Using UAV:

Mott MacDonald Bentley

Topographic surveys are widely used across the civil engineering and construction industries – on sites where it’s important to get a clear understanding of shape and contour. However, the traditional approach – using teams of surveyors to locate hundreds or thousands of points on a chart – presents a number of challenges that modern UAVs can address. Continue reading “Topographic Surveys Using UAV:”

Building Survey: 24 Mount St., Manchester


City centre building inspections present their own special challenges. Busy roads and pavements, together with the close proximity of other buildings, mean that erecting scaffolding or mast-climbers can be inconvenient and obstructive; sometimes impossible. In such circumstances, the use of UAVs can represent a safe, quick and low cost alternative. Continue reading “Building Survey: 24 Mount St., Manchester”