About Suave Aerial Photographers and Surveyors

SUAVE Aerial Photographers is one of Britain’s most respected and longest-established providers of UAV-based aerial photography and video. A true specialist in its field, it routinely works with some of the country’s most technically demanding clients.

The company was founded in 2009 by Greg Colley – a professional photographer, a qualified fixed-wing pilot and an experienced computer programmer. As such, he had all the skills necessary to launch a high-tech business that would enable clients to take advantage of what was then an emerging industry.

Today, UAV technology has greatly advanced and drone-based photography has become almost commonplace. However, despite a raft of newcomers, SUAVE has retained its market-leading position, distinguishing itself in terms of experience, problem-solving, its safety record and – of course – the quality of its results.

Having worked on projects led by organisations such as English Heritage, the Environment Agency, the BBC and a whole host of construction and photogrammetry specialists, SUAVE has an unparalleled ability to deliver top quality images and data. It can:

  • Produce exceptionally high definition photographs and video
  • Output data in other forms – for photogrammetry, 3D modelling and BIM systems
  • Use advanced software to ensure comprehensive coverage of a site / subject
  • Advise clients on which approaches and technologies will deliver the required results in the safest and most cost effective way
  • Operate safely in a wide variety of settings, including some indoor/enclosed environments

In short, SUAVE Aerial Photographers is one of the industry’s leading pioneers and one of its most technically accomplished specialist contractors. For all the most demanding aerial photography, video and photogrammetry projects, SUAVE has proved itself to be the UK’s premier provider.

SUAVE – other activities

In addition to delivering aerial photographic services, SUAVE also offers a bespoke software development capability for UAV manufacturers and systems integrators. It has developed its own UAV computer vision engine, combined with a near real-time 3D modelling capability. These and other innovations can be used as elements of sophisticated UAV mission applications.

To complement its other services, SUAVE also offers a tiered range of video production packages. These include everything from a highly affordable ‘budget’ option, right the way through to a bespoke package that meets the very highest standards. Offering professional direction and editing, complete with music, voice-over and CGI as required, this top-tier service enables clients to make a spectacular first impression.

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As the UK’s leading UAV photography specialist, SUAVE has the experience to meet even the most challenging mission briefs. To find out what SUAVE could do for you, please contact us today either by Email: Greg@SuaveAirPhotos.co.uk¬†or Phone: 07842 766 679.

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