Aerial Photography for Heritage

SUAVE has an extensive track record in the heritage sector and has provided surveys and photographic records of some of Britain’s best known monuments.

Heritage Mini Case Studies

Highly experienced in working with heritage professionals, SUAVE has undertaken a wide variety of projects, examples of which include:

  • Condition monitoring surveys – e.g. castle walls, cathedral roofs etc.
  • High quality photography for photogrammetry and 3D modelling
  • Site progress records – e.g. repair and building conservation works
  • Professional quality photography and video for clients’ promotional materials
  • Broadcast quality video records

SUAVE has worked on a broad spectrum of sites, such as:

  • Stonehenge (aerial photographs for interpretation / marketing)
  • Canterbury Cathedral (detailed structural survey)
  • Jurassic Coast, Lyme Regis (survey of limestone platforms)
  • Clifford’s Tower, York (3D modelling)
  • Chester Amphitheatre (photographic survey for photogrammetry)
  • Middleham, Pevensey, Coinsbrough and many other castles

Important benefits of using UAVs to perform such work include:

  • Cost saving: UAV-based photography can be delivered far more cost effectively than by using manned aircraft. They also have far less environmental impact.
  • Speed: UAV surveys can be planned and implemented far more quickly than traditional aerial photography shoots.
  • Disruption: UAVs are much quieter than conventional aircraft and they offer a far quicker and less intrusive approach than erecting scaffolding for manual inspections.
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    Safety: UAVs can take photographs from positions that would be difficult or impossible for a human photographer to reach, and without any of the risks associated with working at height. Using a UAV (rather than having workers climbing onto buildings) presents less risk to the fabric of the structure.

  • Quality: UAVs can fly very close to their subject – much closer than manned aircraft – so they can secure much higher resolution images – in both photographic and video form. The quality of the resulting records is therefore far superior.
  • Real-time: UAVs can deliver a live video stream back to the controller, so clients can view the condition of a site or building in real time. Where necessary, they can direct the pilot to move the UAV to focus in on an area of particular interest or concern.

Find out more:

Our Heritage Gallery shows examples of some of our recent work in this sector, as do our Heritage Sector Case Studies. However, there’s no substitute for a proper discussion, so if you’d like more information about any of our services, please contact us either by Email:¬†or Phone: 07842 766 679.

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