Aerial Photography and Construction

SUAVE Aerial Photographers specialises in providing highly detailed aerial photography and video for clients in the construction, refurbishment and civil engineering sectors.

Construction Mini Case Studies

Working throughout the UK, it delivers a broad range of services:

  • Site progress records
  • Condition monitoring
  • Roof / chimney inspections
  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D building modelling
  • High definition video and CGI visualisations

SUAVE’s video and photographic records can be produced in a format suitable for use with BIM systems.

Why UAV-based surveys?

Using UAVs as the basis for high quality photographic surveys results in important benefits for construction industry professionals.

  • Safety: using UAVs to survey remote and potentially difficult locations presents far fewer risks than those associated with sending a human operative to perform the same task. Applying rigorous safety procedures, SUAVE can secure high quality images and video, without the need for scaffolding, mast climbers and associated PPE.
  • Minimal disruption: UAVs are much quieter than manned aircraft and require none of the disruption associated with bringing in scaffolding, mast climbers or special ground-based vehicles. Inspection sorties can often be made without residents even being aware that work is in progress.
  • Real-time results: SUAVE’s UAVs can relay live, high definition video – allowing the client’s inspectors to see the condition of a particular structure while the UAV is in flight. Where required, the client can ask for the UAV to be repositioned – for example to focus in on an area of particular concern or interest.
  • Low cost: using a UAV enables images to be captured at a fraction of the cost associated with photography from helicopters or fixed wing aircraft. UAVs also have a much lower carbon footprint.
  • Construction Gallery
    Construction Gallery

    Detail / image quality: UAVs can normally operate at much lower altitudes than manned aircraft so they can capture high quality site photos of exceptional detail.

  • Speed and versatility: UAVs typically require no prior clearance from air traffic control and can be launched direct from the site at short notice. Multiple flights can usually be made in a single day.
  • More choice: UAVs can be positioned to take photos from almost any height and angle, and can yield an almost unlimited number of images.
  • Instant availability: once taken, photographs are uploaded to a private online gallery, to which the client and associates have immediate 24 hour access.

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Our Construction Gallery shows examples of some of our recent work in this sector, as do our Construction Industry Case Studies. However, if you’d like more information about any of our services, please contact us either by Email:¬†or Phone: 07842 766 679.

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