Aerial Photography for Archaeologists

Archaeologists have been making good use of aerial photography for decades but only relatively recently have advances in UAV technology allowed such photography to become an affordable, everyday tool.

Archaeology Mini Case Studies

SUAVE has been actively involved in archaeological surveys since the company’s inception. Working throughout Britain, it has surveyed everything from Iron Age hill forts to Roman granaries and settlements. Its aerial photography and video work has allowed clients to keep accurate time-logged records of progress on their sites, and many of its images have subsequently made it into visitor interpretation materials and professional journals.

The low cost of UAV-based photography is clearly one of its key benefits, but many clients are also attracted by its ability to deliver a live video feed. By working with the pilot, clients can watch the feed and direct the UAV in real time towards interesting features, positioning it to use shadows and crop marks to optimal advantage.

Some key advantages of UAV-based video and photography include:

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    Cost: UAV-based photography is far cheaper than using manned aircraft.

  • Speed: UAV surveys can be conducted at short notice; there are very few air traffic control restrictions. In most cases, SUAVE can have immediate clearance to work at heights below 400 feet.
  • Carbon footprint: UAVs have a much lower environmental impact than manned aircraft.
  • Quality: UAVs can fly at much lower altitudes than manned aircraft so they can capture much more detailed images and video.

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Our Archaeology Gallery shows examples of some of our recent work in this sector, as do our Archaeology Case Studies. However, we’re always keen to offer advice, so if you’d like to discuss a particular project, please get in touch¬†either by Email:¬†or Phone: 07842 766 679.

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