Aerial Survey of Creswell Crags, Nottinghamshire


Creswell Crags is a limestone gorge located by a small lake in Worksop. It has long been recognised as a site of archaeological importance but the recent carbon dating of a disarticulated reindeer bone has provided fascinating evidence that human occupation began more than 40,000 years ago and that the gorge might once have been home to Neanderthal hunters.

Specialist archaeological practice ArcHeritage was recently commissioned to produce a detailed 3D model of the gorge and, following a ground-based laser scan, it asked SUAVE to undertake an aerial survey in order to capture details of the higher levels.

SUAVE duly carried out the photography during a single day visit in March this year, as a result of which we delivered a series of high resolution photographs from which ArcHeritage has since been able to complete its detailed 3D model. The same model will now be developed and embellished to create a computer animation that will show visitors what life might have looked like before the last Ice Age.

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