Wharf Repair Project, Thames

Morrison Construction

In 2010, the Environment Agency gave the green light to a £4.2 million refurbishment project designed to restore four separate river frontages that form part of the Thames Tidal Defences in East London. The existing frontages on the four sites were beginning to fail and Morrison Construction was appointed as part of a multi-agency project team that was given the task of reinstating them. Known as the Greenwich Laporte Rainham (GLR) Tidal Walls project, the scheme was implemented in 2010 and 2011 and went on to receive an award for efficiency in the Agency’s 2011 Project Excellence Awards.

SUAVE’s role in the project was to record progress on the sites, capturing images of the work as it was being done and then, later, when it was complete. Using a UAV yielded several advantages, not least of which was the ability to shoot photographs from the river-side of the works and from a sufficient height to show the frontages in the context of the surrounding buildings. The high resolution photographs provide excellent documentary evidence that the work was completed according to the specification and they stand as a lasting record of this significant and award-winning scheme.

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