Two Flood Alleviation Projects, Banbury

Buckingham Group and Morrison Construction

We have recently been engaged in recording the progress of not one but two separate flood alleviation projects in Banbury, Oxfordshire, both of which were undertaken by clients working with the Environment Agency. One, located close to a canal, was carried out on behalf of the Buckingham Group and entailed ground remediation and the construction of embankments on a site 450m long. The other was commissioned by Morrison Construction and involved multiple civil engineering works on four separate sites close to the M40 and the River Cherwell. One of these sites measured approximately 3km in length and required extensive works, including diverting the course of a stream, changing the levels of the land and constructing a series of concrete flow control structures in and around the water catchment areas.

SUAVE was asked to record activity on the various sites at the start of the projects and then again, when work was well advanced. Operating at heights varying between 40 and 400 feet, we produced clear and detailed images that were subsequently used to inform site management discussions and which featured in the clients’ own publicity materials. One image, for example, appeared alongside a substantial article about the Morrison Construction scheme in a recent edition of New Civil Engineer magazine.

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