Site Remediation Project, Manchester

Buckingham Group Contracting

UAVs have many benefits and advantages over manned aircraft but in the case of high altitude photography, the older, heavier technology sometimes wins out. So it was in the case of a site remediation project at Openshaw in Manchester, where Buckingham Group Contracting has been engaged in the remediation of industrial land prior to redevelopment. The land had been the site of chemical works and other industries, so the multi-million pound scheme has been undertaken to ensure that the ground is properly and professionally cleaned up in readiness for new construction.

The client has previously made good use of highly detailed, low level UAV based photography but, in this instance, it required a small number of higher level photographs that could be overlaid onto maps and CAD drawings. They were also to be used for project planning and to facilitate more effective liaison with local authorities, the emergency services and the company’s own clients. SUAVE therefore took the photographs from an ordinary helicopter at an altitude of 3,000ft using a high resolution digital stills camera. 3D OpenshawThe resulting photographs were very well received by the client and were supplied in a format that could be integrated with Google Earth as part of a complete geographic information system. Additionally, the photos were also used to produce a 3D photogrammetric model, which has proved particularly useful for terrain mapping. A low resolution copy of this model can be viewed here on the sUAVe website.

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