Site Progress Record: Roof & High-rise Inspections

Sustainable Building Services (UK) Ltd.

In recent months, we’ve visited construction sites across England and Wales, documenting the results of various improvements to social housing properties.

We’ve been working on behalf of Sustainable Building Services (SBS), a UK-based building contractor that serves housing associations and local authorities UK-wide. Initially, the company asked us to carry out a total of four visits. Two would be to Plas Madoc in North Wales, where SBS has been installing external wall insulation and new roofing to more than 200 properties. The other two visits would be to ‘The Courts’ in Nottingham, where SBS has been managing a ground-breaking energy efficiency scheme on behalf of Nottingham City Homes.

The Courts are notable for featuring the UK’s largest domestic battery storage facility, which stores the power created by solar PV panels on the roofs. It also features the country’s first low-temperature district heating system. It is the subject of an EU-funded energy efficiency demonstration programme and, as such, it is important that all progress be carefully recorded.

The results of the initial UAV flights proved so useful for marketing and quality assurance purposes that SBS asked us to carry out an additional visit to each site.

The company also asked us to visit another site, Scholes Village in Wigan, where it had installed external wall insulation to six high-rise tower blocks. SBS had undertaken the work between 2016 and 2018, so the survey would partly be used for marketing purposes and partly to demonstrate how well the system was performing. SBS is one of a very small number of contractors accredited by guarantee providers to install fire-safe external wall insulation systems on high rise buildings. Our photos and videos will help the company to promote its work and credentials at a time when fire safety is foremost in the minds of UK social housing providers.

We provide most clients with a free, 30 second, social media-grade video whenever we take video footage.  We have therefore already produced a number of short videos for SBS, which it is using on its website and social media platforms. However, we also have full, professional video editing facilities and can, by request, produce much more sophisticated broadcast-quality videos, complete with music, graphics and other elements – according to the client’s wishes.

Once we have made the our final visits to The Courts and Plas Madoc, we will edit and produce a longer HD promotional video, which will be suitable for use at exhibitions, online and in special presentations.

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