Site Progress Record: Railway Bridge Construction, Leeds

Galliford Try

The construction company, Galliford Try, is currently delivering a £4.7m contract to build a 28m-span road bridge over the Leeds to York railway line. This will form part of a new Manston Lane Link Road, which is designed to connect the city of Leeds to Junction 46 of the M1. The road itself will provide improved access to Thorpe Park, which is already home to many businesses but will ultimately feature a shopping and leisure complex, offices, new homes, a public park and sports facilities.

Work on the single span bridge started towards the end of 2017. Two lines currently run under it but, designed with future growth in mind, it has been made wide enough to accommodate four. When complete, it will support a dual carriageway, together with footpaths and a cycle path.

Suave was commissioned to visit the site at intervals in order to keep a photographic record of progress and to provide footage for marketing and public information. We took photos over several months, beginning last November, and we will continue to record progress until the bridge’s completion later this year.

The site is relatively open, so it has presented few challenges. The only notable obstacle was a giant 750 tonne crane which was used to move the main bridge beams.

To date, we have captured hundreds of high resolution photographs and a large number of video sequences. Clients are increasingly requesting video for internal records, social media and other promotional purposes. As part of our service we include free 30 second taster video edits which clients have actually used for their social media campaigns, one of which you can see here:

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