Flood Defences Progress Record: Warrington

Galliford Try / Environment Agency

Another role we regularly perform is to record progress on large flood defence projects. In a previous newsletter, we described our work on the River Ouse in York, but we have also conducted a more recent survey in Warrington.

Here, the Environment Agency commissioned Galliford Try to manage a £34 million flood defence scheme, which is designed to protect more than two thousand local homes and businesses.

The Gov.uk website notes that “The scheme is one of the largest value flood defence projects constructed in the region in recent times, and will significantly reduce flood risk to the town, which has been no stranger to flooding – given that it sits in naturally low-lying land and within the path of the River Mersey and its tributaries.”

Featuring  5km of flood walls and 2.2km of embankment, the scheme not only protects local properties; it also enhances the area’s ecological value to wetland-living birds, insects and mammals.

 We were brought in to record the final stages of the scheme, to show how the work was safeguarding local homes and creating valuable wildlife habitats. We took photographs and video, and the resulting footage can now be seen on the ‘EnvironmentAgencyTV’ channel on YouTube.

Once again, this project demonstrated how safely and effectively drone-based cameras can record large-scale works, particularly from positions over water that might be difficult or dangerous for human inspectors to access.

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