Flood Alleviation Project, Wigan

Morrison Construction

Early in the summer, we were commissioned to photograph an innovative (and indeed record-breaking) flood alleviation scheme in Wigan, where Morrison Construction has installed two of the world’s largest storm water flow control systems on the course of the River Douglas. Known as Hydro-Brakes, the conical structures each weigh 15 tonnes and one of their chief benefits is that they reduce the need to excavate large water catchment reservoirs in order to provide effective protection against flooding. This makes them a more sustainable alternative to earlier technologies, as does the fact that they operate without power, and their use by Morrison Construction has drawn significant media attention.

We carried out the initial photography in May 2010 and thereafter, made bi-monthly visits right through until September 2011 in order to record the work in progress. We captured the installation in great detail and produced high quality images that have since appeared in a variety of online and printed media. Hydro International, the British manufacturers of the Hydro-Break system, have been very impressed with the results.

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