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Winnington is a residential district of Northwich in Cheshire and is perhaps most notable for having been the home of the Brunner Mond chemical works, which was established there in 1874. The facility was set up to produce soda ash (sodium carbonate), which is used in the food industry, as well as in the manufacture of glass, paper and detergents, and in the chemicals industry more generally.

In 1926, Brunner Mond merged with a number of other large chemical companies to form Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). At around the same time, the company took the decision to expand the site with the construction of five soda ash silos. For the next 90 years, the Wallerscote soda ash works were a major feature on the local skyline, comprising a three-storey structure sitting atop the 50 metre-high silos themselves.

In 2014, the site finally closed and was scheduled for demolition in order to make way for a new residential development. Specialist contractor Urban Regen was appointed to handle the work, which began in September 2016. The company wanted a  high quality visual record of its progress and duly commissioned SUAVE to undertake the required aerial photography and video.

SUAVE was a natural choice for the project. Demolition is a discipline that demands rigorous control of risk, and safety is always a priority. Since its formation in 2010, SUAVE has maintained an excellent safety record and we’ve amassed unparalleled experience of working in and around potentially hazardous construction sites. We understand the challenges of working with large, complex structures and with cranes and similar plant. As a result, our work at Winnington proceeded without a hitch.

The size of the structures made this an impressive demolition project and served as an excellent demonstration of the client’s capabilities. We captured bold and dramatic images of the work in progress, including photos of the long-unseen internal structures of the silos.

The site, once fully cleared, will be transformed for residential use and will ultimately be developed in the final phase of construction of the new Winnington Urban Village.

To see more of the project, please click on any of the image above. For details about our progress photography capabilities, please contact us or visit the construction section of our website.

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