Progress Photos: Jackson’s Edge, Cheshire

JN Bentley for United Utilities

Jackson’s Edge Reservoir is a large underground storage tank that supplies water to over 40,000 customers in the Disley area of Cheshire. Originally built more than a century ago, it was recently replaced by United Utilities as part of a £15 million renewal scheme aimed at safeguarding and improving local water supplies.

After community consultation, the work proceeded in five phases so as to ensure continuity of supply. The two-year project began in 2014. When complete, the new tank will store up to 18 million litres of treated water, which United Utilities notes “is enough to fill more than eight Olympic-sized swimming pools or 200,000 baths.”

Working on behalf of civil engineering and construction contractor, JN Bentley, SUAVE visited the site at monthly intervals from July 2014, recording progress so the client would have an accurate record of works on site. It also recorded progress on the route of the water pipeline from the reservoir to the canal.

“The progress photos are very helpful,” said JN Bentley’s site manager, Mike Wilson. “We use them in the site office to plan and direct operations, and to give clear instructions to our operatives. They’re a useful operational resource for us, and they’re useful to the client, too. United Utilities has used the aerial photographs in a number of ways, such as illustrating community liaison literature that’s designed to explain the nature and scope of the works.”

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