Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

I & H Brown

In September 2011, I & H Brown’s Civil Engineering Division was commissioned to undertake a series of infrastructure works for the Copley Valley Regeneration Scheme at Sowerby Bridge in West Yorkshire. This design and build project comprised improvements to nearby roads (including widening and traffic signals), the construction of a new bridge over both the River Calder and the Hebble navigational canal, and the construction of an additional, double span bridge over the Calder. The total works package also included many other elements but it was with respect to the double span bridge that SUAVE was brought in to carry out a photographic survey. Continue reading “Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire”

Two Flood Alleviation Projects, Banbury

Buckingham Group and Morrison Construction

We have recently been engaged in recording the progress of not one but two separate flood alleviation projects in Banbury, Oxfordshire, both of which were undertaken by clients working with the Environment Agency. One, located close to a canal, was carried out on behalf of the Buckingham Group and entailed ground remediation and the construction of embankments on a site 450m long. The other was commissioned by Morrison Construction and involved multiple civil engineering works on four separate sites close to the M40 and the River Cherwell. One of these sites measured approximately 3km in length and required extensive works, including diverting the course of a stream, changing the levels of the land and constructing a series of concrete flow control structures in and around the water catchment areas. Continue reading “Two Flood Alleviation Projects, Banbury”

Wharf Repair Project, Thames

Morrison Construction

In 2010, the Environment Agency gave the green light to a £4.2 million refurbishment project designed to restore four separate river frontages that form part of the Thames Tidal Defences in East London. The existing frontages on the four sites were beginning to fail and Morrison Construction was appointed as part of a multi-agency project team that was given the task of reinstating them. Known as the Greenwich Laporte Rainham (GLR) Tidal Walls project, the scheme was implemented in 2010 and 2011 and went on to receive an award for efficiency in the Agency’s 2011 Project Excellence Awards. Continue reading “Wharf Repair Project, Thames”

Flood Alleviation Project, Wigan

Morrison Construction

Early in the summer, we were commissioned to photograph an innovative (and indeed record-breaking) flood alleviation scheme in Wigan, where Morrison Construction has installed two of the world’s largest storm water flow control systems on the course of the River Douglas. Known as Hydro-Brakes, the conical structures each weigh 15 tonnes and one of their chief benefits is that they reduce the need to excavate large water catchment reservoirs in order to provide effective protection against flooding. This makes them a more sustainable alternative to earlier technologies, as does the fact that they operate without power, and their use by Morrison Construction has drawn significant media attention. Continue reading “Flood Alleviation Project, Wigan”

Site Remediation Project, Manchester

Buckingham Group Contracting

UAVs have many benefits and advantages over manned aircraft but in the case of high altitude photography, the older, heavier technology sometimes wins out. So it was in the case of a site remediation project at Openshaw in Manchester, where Buckingham Group Contracting has been engaged in the remediation of industrial land prior to redevelopment. The land had been the site of chemical works and other industries, so the multi-million pound scheme has been undertaken to ensure that the ground is properly and professionally cleaned up in readiness for new construction. Continue reading “Site Remediation Project, Manchester”