Flood Defences Progress Record: Warrington

Galliford Try / Environment Agency

Another role we regularly perform is to record progress on large flood defence projects. In a previous newsletter, we described our work on the River Ouse in York, but we have also conducted a more recent survey in Warrington.

Here, the Environment Agency commissioned Galliford Try to manage a £34 million flood defence scheme, which is designed to protect more than two thousand local homes and businesses.

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Site Progress Record: M62, West Yorkshire


Towards the end of 2018, the transport infrastructure specialist Colas UK announced that it was beginning its second phase of safety improvements on the M62 south of Leeds.

This 42-week phase of works entails widening and extending slip-roads at the Tinsley Junction (junction 28). This follows on from similar improvements carried out by Colas at junction 27, and it will ultimately improve road capacity, reduce congestion and improve the general flow of traffic. The work is being carried out in collaboration with Leeds City Council and Highways England. It is part financed by the UK Government’s £220m Congestion Relief Fund.

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Site Progress Record: Roof & High-rise Inspections

Sustainable Building Services (UK) Ltd.

In recent months, we’ve visited construction sites across England and Wales, documenting the results of various improvements to social housing properties.

We’ve been working on behalf of Sustainable Building Services (SBS), a UK-based building contractor that serves housing associations and local authorities UK-wide. Initially, the company asked us to carry out a total of four visits. Two would be to Plas Madoc in North Wales, where SBS has been installing external wall insulation and new roofing to more than 200 properties. The other two visits would be to ‘The Courts’ in Nottingham, where SBS has been managing a ground-breaking energy efficiency scheme on behalf of Nottingham City Homes.

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Site Progress Record: Railway Bridge Construction, Leeds

Galliford Try

The construction company, Galliford Try, is currently delivering a £4.7m contract to build a 28m-span road bridge over the Leeds to York railway line. This will form part of a new Manston Lane Link Road, which is designed to connect the city of Leeds to Junction 46 of the M1. The road itself will provide improved access to Thorpe Park, which is already home to many businesses but will ultimately feature a shopping and leisure complex, offices, new homes, a public park and sports facilities. Continue reading “Site Progress Record: Railway Bridge Construction, Leeds”

Topographic Surveys Using UAV:

Mott MacDonald Bentley

Topographic surveys are widely used across the civil engineering and construction industries – on sites where it’s important to get a clear understanding of shape and contour. However, the traditional approach – using teams of surveyors to locate hundreds or thousands of points on a chart – presents a number of challenges that modern UAVs can address. Continue reading “Topographic Surveys Using UAV:”

Building Survey: 24 Mount St., Manchester


City centre building inspections present their own special challenges. Busy roads and pavements, together with the close proximity of other buildings, mean that erecting scaffolding or mast-climbers can be inconvenient and obstructive; sometimes impossible. In such circumstances, the use of UAVs can represent a safe, quick and low cost alternative. Continue reading “Building Survey: 24 Mount St., Manchester”