Aerial Surveys

UAVs provide an excellent platform for conducting detailed structural surveys and, as one of the UK’s foremost aerial survey specialists, SUAVE has an outstanding record in the field.

Video surveys:

Survey Case Studies
Survey Mini Case Studies

Live-feed video surveys afford an excellent opportunity for building maintenance managers to gain a real time insight into the condition of roofs, facades, chimney stacks and other structures. Working with the pilot and a simple video monitor, clients can examine the live image stream and, where required, the UAV can be made to pause and close in on particular areas of interest. This offers a safe, convenient and highly time-efficient tool for assessing the condition of a wide range of structures. The resulting information provides a valuable visual record and can be used to inform decisions about the planning and prioritisation of maintenance and repair work.

Photographic surveys:

Aerial photographic surveys are often used to capture highly detailed, high resolution images of features that might otherwise be difficult, costly or dangerous for human operatives to access. Capable of capturing images from almost any angle, UAVs enable such work to be carried out quickly, at short notice and without disruption to the building’s owners and occupants.

Survey Gallery
Survey Gallery

The resulting images can be fed into photogrammetry software and can be used to help create detailed 3D models. The data can also be used to generate AutoCAD / Autodesk line drawings  and may be plugged into Building Information Modelling (BIM) software.

Since its formation in 2009, SUAVE has conducted many different kinds of aerial survey. Examples include:

  • Roof inspections
  • Surveys of building facades
  • Chimney stacks
  • Condition monitoring – e.g. castle wall-tops and parapets
  • Pre-demolition surveys
  • Natural features – e.g. crags, cliffs and limestone ledges

SUAVE has carried out surveys in built-up urban areas, on sensitive heritage sites, over water and in many other challenging environments. It has worked on cathedrals, sports stadia, universities, heritage buildings and industrial sites, and has always maintained a 100% safety record.

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Our aerial survey services are affordable, effective and delivered to the industry’s very highest standards. To find out what SUAVE can do for you, please contact us today either by Email:¬†or Phone: 07842 766 679.

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