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SUAVE Aerial Photographers - Flexible, accessible
and cost effective Aerial Photography from
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

UAVs offer excellent Aerial Photography and significant advantages when compared to the following typical methods:

  1. Regular manned aircraft which can be expensive and inflexible.
  2. Ground based vehicles offering pseudo-aerial photography.

SUAVE uses high tech remote control helicopters capable of capturing imaging data from varied perspectives; in various forms and for varied business purposes.

In addition to all the standard imaging captured by ground based vehicles, UAVs can capture images from 400 feet – five times higher and for similar costs. They can also capture a lot of the images that regular, manned aircraft can capture with an extra emphasis on detail and clarity.

  • SUAVE offers ‘crystal clear,’ detailed images with the ultimate positioning flexibility.
  • SUAVE has instant 24x7 clearance into the majority of Britain’s airspace at and below 400 feet.
  • SUAVE can deploy its UAVs immediately weather conditions become viable. This is something that is prohibitively expensive, and difficult to do, with manned aircraft.
  • SUAVE’s operators have a wealth of expertise in aviation, photography and all things technical. You can trust SUAVE to get you those special photos.

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